Avoid argument captors

Why avoid argument captors?

They decrease readability of the tests. It is a code smell. It is very probable that if you use argument captor your class violates one of the SOLID rules. The most common violation in my experience is not sticking to SRP.

Example 1

I have found on the web an example of how to use argument captors. This is the test I found:

The author had probably in mind showing how argument captors work. I agree that it is a good thing to show stuff on the web. On the other hand if I was test driving implementation of inviteToParty method I would go for just a simple verify:

In my opinion it is far more readable. I don’t see the point in using argument captor in this case.

Example 2

I found another example usage of argument captor on the web.
The solution presented there looks like this:

This is a clean test. I like it. But If I was to write that test I would probably split that MailDeliverer. I would split the the creation of Email object and invoking external system. When you order a laptop you don’t have to assemble it yourself, it is assembled for you in a factory. Some may say that this is a bit over the top in this case, but this is just to stress the principle I have in mind. This is what I came up with:


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