Devs write tests, not testers

Tests should be written by developers not by testers. Period.


Basically developers seem to be better in writing test code then testers since they specialise in coding. Testers are better in other areas!
Developers are more likely to produce maintainable tests then testers. Developers are also more likely to be faster.

I noticed that testers produce lots of duplication in tests. Unfortunately in most cases they are not familiar with the best practices when it comes to coding (DRY, YAGNI, SOLID, LOD, etc…) and that might cause and in most cases causes maintenance problems.

What about producing acceptance test scenarios? Well, in that case I would recommend getting together and working on the scenario skeleton, for example a business person, a tester and a developer. Then the developer can implement the test based on the skeleton and consult the end result with business and testers once again.

So for example, who writes selenium tests that scrap the applications and test the whole business flows? Developers! What do testers do? They help when that test scenarios are sketched. Then they wait for the production code to be ready and test the performance (when there are no automatic performance tests) and the boundary conditions that the developers might not have thought about.